Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays !

The season for sharing (and receiving) is here!

Enjoy the company of family and friends throughout the season with memories, this years adventures and new moments created from the joy of getting together.

Happy holidays!

From your family at Thrifty Ice Cream to your family, live, love, enjoy.

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Strawberry – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Strawberry - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Thrifty doesn’t believe in ordinary flavors nor simple happiness. Thrifty is all about JOY and capturing the most exotic flavors and escences of even its most simple flavors.

Thrifty’s Strawberry ice cream is berry… BERRY nice. !

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Rocky Road – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Rocky Road - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

When the first pioneers arrived from the seas into California they instantaneously decided to settle down here. No, not because of the beauty of its beaches, landscapes and weather, but because it was nearly impossible to go anywhere else. Back then there weren’t any freeways nor roads but just rocky, really rocky roads, literally…well probably does not the reason, nor the true story but lets use it as an intro to one of our favorite ice cream flavors: ROCKY ROAD.

A true mysterios flavor, we don’t remember where or why the name originated but what we do know is that it doesn’t resemble any type of rocky road nor does it taste like one. Believe us we have gone to many rocky roads and tasted them and none taste chocolatey nor marshmallowy.

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Rainbow – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Rainbow - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Many people have wondered about the nature and beauty of rainbows, and have spent their entire life studying them. At Thrifty, our scientists and engineers have for DECADES nurtured the escence of rainbows and have INJECTED them into our Rainbow ICECREAM.

It is no coincidence that both kids and grownups instantaneously SMILE when they savour this RAINBOW and JOY INFUSED ICE CREAM.

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Pistachio – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Pistachio - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Did you know people have been eating pistachios for over 9,000 years?! Well here at Thrifty we didn’t know that, we just read that fun fact right now. BUT anyways! one cool fact we do know about is that Thrifty’s Pistachio ice cream is GREEN, has REAL pistachios and its AWESOME!

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Pecan Praline – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Pecan Praline - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Para , Para PARADISE (8) Pra Pra, PRALINE (8) YUP ! Pecan Praline is a PARADISE ! and one you don’t wanna miss !

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Mocha Almond Fudge – Thirfty Ice Cream

Mocha Almond Fudge - Thirfty Ice Cream

Mocha + Almonds + Fudge = HAPPINESS

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Mint n Chip – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Mint n Chip - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Don’t get me wrong, Summer is AWESOME but sometimes the HEAT just gets to you. I know you know 1000 ways to cool down, but STILL the beach sometimes is not around the corner. You know what probably is around the corner? Some THRIFTY ICE CREAM, and there’s nothing better knowing that on a HOT day you can go get some Mint n Chip COOL ice cream.

Stay Fresh, Stay Mint.

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Lemon Head – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Lemon Head - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

CAUTION: Lemon Head INFUSED ice cream. Dare to try it?

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Cotton Candy – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Cotton Candy - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Take a JOY ride back to your childhood with Thrifty’s Cotton Candy Ice cream and experience the awesomeness of those good-o days once again!

At the end of the day you’ll end up not only feeling like a KID again, but LOOKING like one too ! (Take a look in the mirror, you’ll see why !)

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