Rocky Road – Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

Rocky Road - Thrifty Ice Cream Flavor

When the first pioneers arrived from the seas into California they instantaneously decided to settle down here. No, not because of the beauty of its beaches, landscapes and weather, but because it was nearly impossible to go anywhere else. Back then there weren’t any freeways nor roads but just rocky, really rocky roads, literally…well probably does not the reason, nor the true story but lets use it as an intro to one of our favorite ice cream flavors: ROCKY ROAD.

A true mysterios flavor, we don’t remember where or why the name originated but what we do know is that it doesn’t resemble any type of rocky road nor does it taste like one. Believe us we have gone to many rocky roads and tasted them and none taste chocolatey nor marshmallowy.

About Thrifty Ice Cream

America's most famous and delicious Ice Cream. Thrifty Ice Cream was born in California and is characterized by its unique award winning flavors and Cylynder Scoop servings. Thrifty Ice Cream proudly represents California's unique flavors, history, lifestyle and awesomeness.
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